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Originally Posted by fuadomar
I read his pre-match analysis, he told that, indeed. Even after starting the match yesterdy, he expressed his thought with it. FYI, at that time he knew the final 11 and was surprised to see the team.

Here is the exact para:

"চোটের জন্য বালাজি খেলতে পারছে না। ওর জায়গায় ব্রেট লি খেলাতেই হত। ফাইনালের জন্য মনোজের টেম্পারমেন্ট দরকার ছিল। তবে ম্যাককালামকে বাদ দেওয়াটা মেনে নেওয়া যায় না।সাকিবকে বসালে ঠিক হত"

Source . You can only see it in IE.

If Ganguly were the captain of KKR, Shakib would have been dropped in the final for sure.
but then there is another if. If ganguly was captain would KKR have made it to the finals?

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