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Thank you kindly all for the kind feedback. I wanted to put this piece in my prvious posts but have been unable to do so as I can't find the other threead and it might be more than 6 months or something or other.


He stared at his object of fascination. No movement, not even the flicker of an eyelid. Sweat beaded his forehead. The droplets swerved and slithered out a wet path on his forehead like insiduous serpents searching for a kill. He had to be careful. One wrong move and things could go horribly wrong for him. He gazed hungrily at his object of fascination.

One of the most dangerous creatures in the world sat, grazing away, unaware he was being watched and pursued. He continued to take in mouthfuls of the stuff, chewing, mashing, salivating, digesting, swallowing. He was truly in a vegetative state although he was strictly a carnivore. Many a victim had found that out before. His razor sharp teeth again tore through the meat and he drank some red liquid that gushed forth, guzzling down great mouthfuls. Swallowing, the liquid seeped from the sides of his mouth and dribbled down his neck and down his ample stomach. Blissfully unaware.

The hunter held a brief conversation wit his superior, he knew he had to make the move soon. Things were already becoming heated and dangerous. Nearby some random person's Fiance was being haplessly beaten and molested by another wild beast.

"C'mon, let's give us a Royal Challenge aye..."
"No Luke, take it easy. I don't even follow cricket. i'm french"
"So is "fiance"-they don't call me Pomers-bash for nothin..if you're a fiance you'll cop it"

The hunter knew time was running out, although he was married it was only a matter of time before Luke Pomersbach mistook the rest of the party to be "fiances" ready for his taking. Another scuffle nearby caught his attention.
Shah Rukh Khan was laying mercilessly into Mumbai police and security, with jabs and hooks to put Unadkat "Uppercut, Undercut" to shame he flattened all those around him and went into a frenzy like some middle aged celebrity in a botox clinic.
"Shah Rukh Khan has gone mad. I don't know what he's doing"-Shakib could do nothing to help his team owner.

The hunter wiped beads of sweat from his forehead and sprayed more Rexona and ensured "the thing" on his head was still there. he had to hide the smell of gobor and his presence from the dangerous creature who was dining.

Suddenly the creature started guzzling more of the red liquid, which caused him to go into a frenzy very different to that of Shah Rukh or indeed Pomers-"bash" the "Molester".

"he's trying to fly-quick now before it's too late,"
"RED BULL GIVES ME WINGSSSSSSSSSSSS" bellowed the creature as he made a clumsy lunge enough to put to shame "Dumbo's first flight" or indeed Wilbur and Orville's initial attempts, having given enough analogies I will not refer to Icarus.

The hunter knew it was now or never. He was exhausted, fom dodging molesters and violent celebrity to the even more dangerous gossipping celebrities who seemed to have the ability of sucking out IQ points from those around them, he knew he had to muster the last of his strength. He didn't have the fitness but he had the mental drive.

With a fierce movement of his hand he raised the auction paddle
"50,000 dolllars for Tamim"
Petlu was sold. The Hunter's superior smiled in the shadows, his plans had finaly been put to action. The Hunter would soon become the hunted.
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