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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
Kohli is NOT overrated. He is an arrogant prick, a bit douche, but he is not overrated. Do look at his stats. How many of our shona-babu's have scored that many centuries within their 1st 85 odd games? Even Sachin didn't have that many 100s that early on. How many other players (world-wide) avg that high in their first 100 games? He avg is a solid 50 in ODI. You can't say all that about any other young number 3 batsmen right now. With Ponting gone, and Kallis hanging on, Saga and Mahela batting all over the place, he is the best No. 3 to have in ODI. And he just starting up in test, already better than our best batsmen. To top it all of he is one of the best fielders going around.

Kohli is best in the business right now. And 85 matches played, 4k+ BF, 3500+ runs scored is NOT premature. Calling Nasir Hossain the next Shakib is premature.

Give the credit where it's due, don't let hate get in the way.
Exactly. Kohli might not be a popular or a likeable player, but he is probably the best young batsman that the world cricket has ATM.
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