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Originally posted by Orpheus
Points well-taken everyone, especially allrounder and fab - can't argue with them. Thank You and yes I should go in quest for the truth.
But there is no such a thing as reading the "truth". It's either this side of the story or that side of the
Orph, I guess it all boils down to what type of ideology you believe. But what I have found with most Americans (on the Internet and on News boards etc), is that their view of the world is black and white. Just like in Hollywood movies. The evil guys are evil just because "God" created them that way and good guys are always good in every respect. But reality is a shade of grey and the characters in life are not so one dimensional. Some folks become bad because of certain circumstances and allrounder has just given one such circumstance that could lead ppl to hate and therefore be evil to Americans.

What I don't understand about your stance is how you can agree with what Dubya and his neo-conservative friends stand for i.e. the advancement of US interest at whatever the cost. Surely you do not believe in ripping off the poor to benefit yourself? If this is what you truelly believe in, then I will shut up now. You are entitled to your opinion.

And not all of us have enough idle time or Arnab's forte of fast reading to read 20 articles each day from both angles.
See that is the problem. Americans just don't have the time to go and find out about what their country has been doing to other countries for the past 100 years. They don't realise that events like 9/11 is a walk in the park compared to events in other countries. They also don't realise that whoever they vote for in the elections will not only effect themselves but the rest of the world! So Orph, since you are lucky enough to vote, I think you should use it wisely.

Please tell me what did your Muslim/Iraqi/whatever blood did for you? Since you are an American
resident and have a good job in America, I can say that America has done a lot for you. It's good to support it (am not saying support it when it's doing something wrong), but just stop "supporting" everything that is anti-American.
So you are saying that we should stop supporting anti-American sentiments even if they are true? Can you prove that any of the so called anti-american things that have been said on here is not true? There you go again.. this type of blind patriotism is what caused many ordinary Germans in the 1930s and 40s to perpetrate extraordinarily henious crimes..

Anyway, the way I see it, I am just exploiting economically
Exactly! The quintessential hypocrite! [/quote]

I disagree with that train of logic. Pundit is using the skills he has in the US - that in itself is helping the US. He is working, paying taxes and contributing to the US economy. So given that, I think he is entitled to disagree with the government.
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