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Default Power of mind

Oh yeah no doubt on the power of mind over body. I was referring to the fact that alpha male gets all the women of the group. It goes somewhat for us too - the leader will get a lot of them. But

Suppose you have brains and razabq has body and beauty - he will get more female than you. You will end up raising his kids

I probably sound like I am joking and making these things up.... these are actually well studied cases. Lemme write a bit more.

Females are a fascinating creatures. Suppose you have brain and with that you built an empire - you have so much resources. Women would want that for their child. But at the same time you are ugly as hell - a woman don't want that for her children. So what a woman to do?

She will mate with razabq (because he looks good and has athletic body) and marry you. That's one of the reason they have hidden ovulation actually.. but more on that later if discussion go that way

So to sum it up...... You are ugly!!

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