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Default Power of mind

But Orpheus, you are forgetting the mind's abilty to seduce. When I am talking about intelligence, I am not talking about making money or showing off intellectual prowess.

I am talking about the mind' ability to create illusions in other people's minds. You can be mad ugly by any standard, but if you know how to make women fall in love with you, all you will hear from them about you is how handsome you are. They will change their entire belief system on what beauty is just because of your mental hold on them. They will come back to you over and over again.

Having a good body is a plus. But having a good, functioning mind is a prereq.


And where did you get that Muhammad was good looking? May be he was ugly as hell with his weird, ugly unibrow (yuck!). But it didn't matter. It was his proclamation that he was the chosen one that ultimately mattered. Everything else followed from there. Hell, Muhammad's weird theatrics didn't even sit well with the Meccans at first. He was disliked to the point that he was banished. Like a true coward, or an opportunist if you see it from another angle, he went to Medina where his religious tricks worked.
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