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Originally Posted by zinatf
^Senman, despite Shakib taking 11 wickets in 7 matches in 2011, KKR benched for the majority of the matches this season. What will you call that?

As for being player of the series, he could easily been one this season had he played in every match
stupid KKR management of-course. I am Shakib's fan he is my fav Bangladeshi cricketer ever, would definitely enjoyed him playing more matches in IPL.

He could have POS been if he played all the matches but we are not talking about the ifs. As a neutral(I support CSK) my opinion is that Narine had a bigger impact on the team KKR and on IPL on the whole than Shakib that is my view.

Gayle and Narine are the two big impact players of IPL5

Please don't term me as a Anti-Fan of Shakib which I am not. Best of luck for Shakib in IPL6.
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