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Default Power of mind

Originally posted by Arnab

the mind' ability to create illusions in other people's minds.
Exactly. Let's walk down your alley: A man makes a woman fall in love with him because of his 'beautiful mind' or whatever, which for once in her life, engages and entertains her. She adores him and all her waking hours are spent worshipping the god that he is, right? So by being with her, the man is spending all his energy and beautiful thinking to satisfy and please her instead of enjoy the wonderful being that she is. Sounds like the man's missing out! Thus the woman is having a ball while allowing the man to believe that he has the power, just so he has enough self-assurance to keep his brain actually functioning. As always, you are precisely on the dot, people sure do have the ability to create an illusion in other peoples' minds!
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