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BCB Press Release

Saturday, 09 June 2012

Media Release

Outcome of BPL Governing Council Meeting

The Governing Council decided to hold the second edition of the BPL T20 in mid-January 2013. There will be an increase in the number of venues based on infrastructure, logistical support and broadcast facilities.

Following the expiry of the 07 June deadline given to franchises for clearing all outstanding payment of foreign cricketers who had participated in the inaugural edition of the competition, the Governing Council has received the following payment status from the six franchises:

· The net payable (following tax deduction) to foreign cricketers was US$ 2.77 million (approximately).

· The unpaid fees figure currently stands at US$ 3,05,000.00 (approximately).

· Two of the six BPL franchises have completed their payment to foreign cricketers in full.

The Governing Council has recommended to the BCB that as guarantor the Board should clear the outstanding payment and the process should be initiated immediately.

The payment of local cricketers is also being seriously looked into by the Governing Council which has not received a definite picture of the payment status from the franchises. Therefore it has been decided that the Governing Council would speak to individual players and relevant officials of team managements and take measures accordingly.

The Governing Council has thanked the franchises who have complied with player payment and franchisee fee payment. The Governing Council will issue formal letters to the franchises who have not complied with the mandatory requirements and may consider stern action.

The Governing Council expressed disappointment at the recent remarks of the Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA) chief executive Tim May regarding the BPL. Governing Council Chairman Gazi Ashraf Hossain said: “Obviously he (May) is saying things on assumption and misinformation as only a tiny fraction of the payment is outstanding. When an organisation like the BCB is the guarantor then the question of uncertainty regarding players’ payment does not arise.

“We wanted to give the franchises a fair chance of completing the player payment as they have invested a huge amount of money in these times of worldwide recession and hence the extension of the deadline. We are happy that barring a very small sum the entire payable to foreign cricketers have been cleared.

“The BPL in its first year had attracted the most number of overseas players, including the top international cricketers after the Indian Premier League. The profile of Bangladesh cricket has been enhanced by this competition and hundreds of foreign cricketers are eagerly waiting for a chance to participate in the next edition. Someone in Mr. May’s position should be an advocate of such an event which has benefited professional cricketers across continents, rather than trying to undermine it. So far we have not received official complaints from any foreign or local cricketer and that should tell him what the BPL has meant to them.

“We think some people are getting paranoid over the BPL’s success and strength and are out to tarnish the image of the BCB and Bangladesh cricket. That will not deter our quest for excellence in the BPL and future editions will be bigger and more vibrant.”
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