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Default Power of mind

Originally posted by razabq
It's one thing to have the freedom of expression to slur the prophet of a major faith. It might be tasteless, it might offend the sensibilities of many of the board members - I know it does mine - but I guess in a democracy you have the right to act insensitively so as to assert a self-perceived sense of intellectual superiority.
This raises some very interesting questions. Are non-relgious people allowed to have "sensibilities" as well? Would a religious person be acting "insensitively" if he were to talk about his faith, an act that could be deemed highly offending to the non-religious person? Is "sensibility" something only for the religious people?

I mean there's no way to reconcile this other than not talking about it at all. Beacause most non-religious people think that religious people/people of faith are mentally handicapped, at least partially. Non-religious people don't hate the religious people, they treat them with the same respect as we all do when it comes to the physically handicapped.

I think it's a pretty good analogy, except that people don't really "choose" to be physically handicapped. And even if we allow the possibility that they sometimes do that (I don't know, some may whimsically choose to saw off their legs), they probably won't go that far to say "How dare you mock a lengra like me? I CHOSE to saw off my own legs. Now carry me on your back and don't mention to me of my own stupidity. I am very sensitive."

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