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Default Power of mind

Originally posted by Arnab
This raises some very interesting questions. Are non-relgious people allowed to have "sensibilities" as well? Would a religious person be acting "insensitively" if he were to talk about his faith, an act that could be deemed highly offending to the non-religious person? Is "sensibility" something only for the religious people?
Of course non-religious people have the right to sensibilities. I for one supported the move to strike referral to deity removed from the USA oath of allegiance. And I _do_ try not to flaunt my faith around those who I know have chosen to become apostates or were raised as agnostics.

Originally posted by Arnab
I mean there's no way to reconcile this other than not talking about it at all. Beacause most non-religious people think that religious people/people of faith are mentally handicapped, at least partially. Non-religious people don't hate the religious people, they treat them with the same respect as we all do when it comes to the physically handicapped.
You've hit the nail on the head in the 1st part. I _have_ noticed this intellectual condescension on part of secularists. Why? A leap of faith does not insitute stupidity or lack of intellect. Without digging up the hole "Bible, Quraan & Science" topic, many a rational, intelligent person (your scientists, academics, etc) have maintained their faith. Ratiional thinking and faith are NOT mutually exlcusive. By adopting this "religious people are handicapped" line of thinking, one is guilty of the same intellectual fascism as the fundamendatlists we all - and rightly so - condemn.

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