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Zunaid bhai, my example of IPL was for reference, thats all.
Nothing against India or IPL or any other league in the world.

My point was, non payment by franchise owners have had happened in the past in other leagues which are far more organised and professional than ours and also running into its 5th season. While as, BPL just concluded its inaugural edition and we all know it was hastily arranged and there were some lacking on part of BCB.

But to go out all guns blazing with 'gelo gelo shob gelo' attitute by Tim May and FICA is just over the top response to issues that will have to be solved. BCB can't get away without paying the players, this is not local para cricket we are talking about. This is an international event.

Ofcourse our incompetent Board and franchise owners paved the way for this situation to even arise in the first place and they should be held liable for tarnishing the country's image, but it doesnt warrant the response to that magnitude of what we see from FICA and May.

I think we should hit back with a report of our own, in collaboration with BCB stating the facts and pressurize cricinfo to publish it. Image needs to be restored and names needed to be cleared before it gets too late.
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