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I don't think anyone here is finding a link to India or BCCI. What just irks me is that these so called association turn a blind eye to many past incidences, yet they suddenly remember what their so called jobs are when it comes to Bangladesh. It just baffles me as to how they always love to highlight the inefficiencies of the "third world" yet turn a blind eye to their own.

Yes, the players might have been payed late, but I'm sure not one of them are dying of hunger because of this. And let's be frank, the sum they are getting are quite a lot for a less than a month of cricket.

So Mr. May, I am sorry that FICA does not get any direct share from BPL's revenue. And I am also sorry that you are powerless to stop any English or any International players from joining BPL for next season. But I'm sure your advice about how dirty and corrupt Bangladesh really is will be much appreciated by the players; especially when absurd amount of cash will be waived in front of them.
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