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Originally Posted by firstlane
So what? He should be available when the country needs him. As if no other player left in the middle of IPL. To be honest I don't blame Shakib much. Every one wants to make money. And if allowed everyone will want to be like Gayle. Its the BCB who should have asked him to return if he needed break before Zimbabwe tour. But again what can we expect from BCB? They don't even have the power to call up players for a U-19 team while DPL is on.

Yes but the cricket world won't care about the status of the match if we lose against Zimbabwe. Everyone will say we lost to Zimbabwe again.

We are not there yet. We have managed to lose against Zimbabwe in near past. And when it comes to t20 I would be more concerned.

Yes, I do feel proud that Shakib is representing us in IPL but I wouldn't mind if he left early for national duty.

Seriously, do you hear yourself? how far would you go with your lame argument to defend Shakib? Next time aapni jokhon Lotus er desprem niye proshno tulben tokhon apnakeo jiggesh korbo aapni desher jonno ki sacrifice koresen je arekjoner deshprem niye proshno tulen? aapnar ei comment shune WC er shomoi Shakib er shei comment er kotha mone pore gelo jokhon Shakib ex-cricketer der bolesilo 'unara ki kore dekhiesen je amader performance niye question koren'. Pore obossho Shakib or bhul bujhte perese ebong khoma cheyese.
We all love Shakib but that doesn't mean we will say everything he does is right. And I am not blindly blaming Shakib. I am also questioning BCB's way of handling our best player. As I said before if allowed everyone will prefer earning money than playing for the country.
I second your post.
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