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Originally Posted by oronnya
Exactly we lost to Zim even with Shakib in the team... Shakib alone can't make much difference if the others doesn't perform.. So if they lose to Zim again it's not because Shakib wasn't there rather none of the other players took the responsibility which they should have...

ami amar kothai bolechhi r amar moto bakider kotha... You can read my some previous post then you will see how worthless I feel about myself for not being able to do anything for my country... It's not for Shakib... I wrote it about in totally a different topic earlier... amar kotha hochhe deshprem er dohai dewar kono mane nei... amra karo deshprem niye question korte parin na... kenona amra nijerao desher jonno kichhu kori na... amra nijeder sharthei desh chhere bideshe porte ashchhi r bideshe chakri korchhi... amader majhe koijoner shahosh achhe ei shob kichhu chhere deshe giye notun kore shob shuru korar kinba desher kaaje nijeke utshorgo korar? ei chhelegila desher hoyei khele r amader kichhu proud moment dai...oituku respect oder prappo.. oder deshprem niye amader proshno kora uchit na..
well said apu..

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