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Default Power of mind

Originally posted by razabq
there is a clear line between using one's hands in front of a physically handicapped person and flaunting it. Are you sure,when you go on dissing the prophet for a major faith and in a rather vulgar manner too, that you are NOT flaunting it my friend?
Exactly how "clear" is the line between flaunting and not flaunting? Exactly what constitutes "dissing the prophet" and "not dissing the prophet"? I don't think there is any such thing.

Let's look at the subject of prophets from an atheist perspective without any prejudice or dissing mindset whatsoever. What would an atheist think about the "prophets" if he believes that there is no God? That they were very intelligent mythmakers, just like Majid in lal shalu. It seems that an atheist cannot possibly make any statements about what he thinks of prophets without those statements being perceived by religious people as "diss" of the prophets. It's impossible. Because an atheist believes the prophets/sadhus/etc. are fake, or at best were people who brainwashed themselves. On the other hand the religious person holds the same prophet in very high esteem, for whatever irrational "reason". There is no chance of reconciliation here.
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