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Euros are always better than World Cups and this one so far is no different.

My Review so far:
Game 1 : Thought the ref was horrible, ruined the game...Greece were worthy of a point in the end
Game 2 : Russia with too much going forward for the Czech Republic(who are a mediocre team tbh)
Game 3 : Danes doing what they do...functional and opportunistic. Dutch looked good, despite the defeat
Game 4 : Poor game...Portugal for such a skilled footballing nation, can't seem to find a striker. Also the tactic of hoofing the ball up to Ronaldo isn't going to work. Germans are the youngest team in the tournament, and Gomez is a donkey(don't care about his 40 goals for Bayern this season, the man is a donkey)
Game 5 : Italy deserved that point, and actually showed a fair bit of drive and invention in attack, Marchisio was excellent for me. Screw Spain, maybe the national side can ask for a bailout like their governement is.
Game 6 : No contest, Croatia are a decent side and nothing more...but Ireland are just happy to be in the tournament. Their star striker plays in the MLS and midfield is comprised of players from relegated clubs or clubs at the bottom of the PL.

Tonight : France will dominate the piss poor English midfield(Parker, Gerrard, Milner, Downing) talk about craptacular. But, England until the humiliation against Germany at the world cup, rarely get destroyed by they will be competitive. I can see England getting a draw, but a close win for the French is more likely.
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