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Originally Posted by x2man007
He is! He is indeed thinking about country's reputation in the world cup. In order for him to perform his best in the wc the whole world is looking at, he needs some rest. Even if we lose with Zm, may be it will be a news for a day. If we do really well in the wc, the whole world will praise bd for days, like the asia cup. It's a simple cost-benefit analysis and shakib got it right. You critics are too near-sighted.

Yes, they do, at the request of their board. DId BCB ask shakib to leave IPL? you guys are saying that shakib must have played because else we might run the risk of losing to one of the lowest ranked teams without him. If that's the case, BCB should have considered shakib's recent heavy load and scheduled the series accordingly if he was a must-play player (sparing a couple weeks or so)!

Oh, please! It's not the power. In terms of power, BCB has plenty. They have the power to commit to play in Pakistan against the will and safety of all the players. They have the power to sack someone like Siddons for being honest. It's called the lack of COMPETENCY!

Seriously? You are comparing Shakib with Lotus? Even the best of critics will agree that Shakib is the most competent person at his job. Can even the Lotus-lovers say that about Lotus? How has Lotus represented Bd to the rest of the world and how has Shakib?
FirstLane , Please change your Lane !! You should be proud that we have a player like Shakib !!!
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