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Default Power of mind

Let me jump in if I may. I agree that most of the histories wars and bloodshed from eons ago to now has been fought primarily beacuse of religion. No way of avoiding that fact. Jihads, Crusades, Inquisition, Pogroms etc..had a definite mark of religiosity imprinted on it. Now, secularists share equal blame as well. Most of the wars of modern times had been waged by secular nations ( though covert religious/ethnic passion/disdain may have run amock in their thinking ). America, Germany to name a few. About atheists not waging wars or spilling bloods is not an entirely ture statement. Soviet communism was athiest by nature. They surpressed and persecuted people of faith within their territorial boundary. And yes, they have spilled a lot of blood in Gulags of Siberia.. Also, in order to spread their band of revolution, many countries of the world that came within their sphere of influenece, spillled a lot of blood within their respective countries as documentated by many civil wars that took place.
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