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Tuesday, 12 June 2012
Media Release
Outcome of BPL  Governing Council Meeting with Franchise Owners
The Governing Council was informed that the outstanding payment of foreign players who had participated in the inaugural edition of the BPL now stood at US$ 2,35,000.00 (approximately). The BCB as guarantor, will complete the payment of the dues shortly.   
The franchises have assured the Governing Council that approximately 70 (seventy) percent of the local players’ payment have been cleared. The Governing Council meanwhile, as a priority has initiated the process to get the confirmed figure of outstanding payment to local cricketers. The BCB as guarantor would resolve claim related issues if required.    
BCB President AHM Mustafa Kamal, who chaired the meeting with the franchises said: “We are convinced that only a negligible amount remains unpaid and the delay is mostly down to technical issues. The foreign cricketers’ non-payment claim has been grossly exaggerated and in certain cases miscommunication and lack of coordination between players and agents have contributed to the rumors.
“We are very clear about the BPL players’ payment issue. Everyone knows that not a single penny would remain unpaid as the BCB is the guarantor. I get the impression that some people are trying to malign  the BCB and the BPL. We are not accountable to anyone other than the players and we have not received any complaints from them. We have a proud tradition. Foreign cricketers who have participated in domestic competitions in Bangladesh over the decades have never alleged that they have not received payment.”
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