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Seriously get ready to be embarrassed....

1. Winning the CL has F-all to do with a call up to your national team.

2. Rio did knee ligaments prior to WC 2010 starting, and played no part in the humiliation England suffered, one in which the defensive line led by John Terry was made to look amateurish by the Germans

3. Do you even watch football when Chelsea aren't playing? Oh and the real truth? as opposed to what...the fake truth?

Martin Kelly started only 7 games for Liverpool this season, and played 12 in all. He did not have a better season than Rio. Rio Ferdinand was the defensive linchpin of the United side, that lost to City on GD, and was the second best defensive unit in the league(City conceded 4 less goals(29), Chelsea gave away 46 goals.)

You are the 1st and I suspect last person to think Martin Kelly had a better season than Rio Ferdinand...

Rio Ferdinand didn't prove himself? WTH are you on about? he is recognized as being one of the best defenders in the world over the past decade.... didn't prove himself

Rio Ferdinand is not a gamble, Roy decided to side with the racist knuckle dragging council estate, drug peddling scum that is John Terry because Fat Frank and Cashley would have thrown a hissy fit without Terry in the team.

SAF will say what he needs to, to protect the interests of Manchester United, and that means players playing as little as possible when it comes to internationals. Rio played 30 of the 38 league fixtures this season...

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