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Originally Posted by patriot
- Martin Kelly had a much better season than Rio Ferdinand. Rio was solid for Man Utd but not 'great'.
- To justify being called up at 33, you need to have had an immaculate international career. Unfortunately, Rio Ferdinand has not.
- He had played 81 games to prove himself and he dint . Plain and simple really .If Ferdinand was to line up for England, everyone would know what to expect.
-Why would Roy gamble on rio when even SAF has in the past admitted that rio can't play two games in four days.
What on earth is that about ??

Rio F was the first choice defender in a team that finished with the most number of points

And M Kelly having a better season than Rio F?

I dont support Man Utd but its tiring to see people use their own biases against players from teams they dont like.
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