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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
Bottom line is the truth is that many payments are still outstanding from almost 4 months ago.

Whoever is right or wrong in this, those are the facts.
Whoever is in charge of payments holds the key.
Much talk, yet still uncleared.

People in life are judged on what they do, not what they say.

I make no accusations here., just relay facts. Others can decide who is responsible.
Hi Coach,
There is no doubt that someone somewhere screwd up. If I am paid 4 months late than I expect an interest on the payment. We as citizens of Bangladesh are apologetic for this mishap from the organisers and cricket board. I am confident thaat the dues will definately be paid since foreign players are playing in our leagues for decades now and payment has never been an issue.

My question to you is, Why is it that not a single foreign cricketer or coach or support staff formally complained about the delay?
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