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Originally Posted by mufi_02
What player's union are you talking about? FICA doesn't represent ALL foreign players as you mentioned. BPL was dominated by Bangladeshi and the majority of foreign players came from Pakistan. FICA doesn't represent either of these two countries. The most expensive player, Shahid Afridi mentioned he received his money and no other Pak or Bdeshi player has made any formal complaint in the media so far.

So Tim May and FICA represents a tiny portion of players in BPL but are making the most noise. Its not like those players haven't been paid at all. They received more than 50% of their payment and some up to 80%. May can raise the issue in proper manner but his first outburst was in the fan forum PakPassion.

Whatever happened was unfortunate. But BCB acts as the guarantor and that means players will get their due money no matter what. Other leagues takes time to clear their dues.

I am not supporting BCB's actions and this due should have been cleared earlier. But I don't believe May and FICA are working for the players. Even before the league, this same guy raised concern about match fixing in Bangladesh. So we have every reason to doubt his actions.
Let me deal in facts and not opinion:

1.I didn't mention FICA, you did. I said the players unions (of each member nation).

2.You have to understand that no player will want to go public for fear of not getting paid their dues.

3. The power lays in the hands of those who are paying. Just because no one complains directly to the BCB is irrelevant. A simple conversation between franchises and BPL discovered payments are missing.

4. How long should a guarantor leave it to cover the debts when the payments were all due in February?

5. Players care about three things so they can perform for the fans: payment, flights and accommodation. The tournament was a success thanks to those players.

6. It isn't for players to be grateful they will be getting their money at "some stage soon". It is their contractual right to receive it according to the agreed schedules back at the time. The players all turned up on time and did their job.

7. The franchises, organisers and guarantor knew the salaries (as they bid at auction) and knew the amount they were committing to and the timeframe for payment.

8. The BCB had an Asian Cup to worry about, a resigning head coach and then a search for his replacement. The BPL was no longer a priority.

9. Whether or not FICA has an agenda is irrelevant. They, along with many players, felt the warning signs on payments were there in the competition itself. Some before. They were proved correct.
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