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Originally Posted by zsayeed
Beacuse HSPA investment is peanuts compared to LTE*. A card swap on the Node-Bs. HSPA will suffice BD demand for a looooooong time. Plus the same modem will be able to fall back to EDGE where there is no 3G. With the same chipset. 100 networks is nothing. The big ones are all not going there yet...look at EU. Due to the economies of scale with 90% of the world in 3G, you can get equipment cheaper for at least the next 10 years. Even VzW does not have LTE nationwide. And Vzw deployed this year, and is one of the leading providers in the world. Plus they migrated from CDMA. If City is looking for expansion, LTE is right for them.

With a 20 GiG international backbone, you don't need to empower 1 Lakh Subs with 100 MBPS download speeds.

*given that Release 6 is deployed.
I don't think any operator will provide 100 mbps download speed yet. They will offer packages of highest 4 mbps. LTE, I think can be seen as a broadband solution in major cities like Dhk, CTG. Most of the BTS are already 3G capable, as you've said. But what I think should be logical is a spectral refarming of the 10 MHz band. 5 for HSPA and 5 for LTE. There are more than 2500 BTS in Dhaka city alone. And launching LTE covering the whole Dhaka should not require more than 1000 BTS upgrade to eNodeBs due to higher spectral efficiency, given only 3-4 Mbps speeds are offered per user.

UEs are a major concern. But most users in BD dont own a 3G UE. So ultimately asthey will have to buy a new UE then why not LTE? (handsets are bit costly alright, but dongles then). LTE can easily grab the badly planned Wi-Max business.
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