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Originally Posted by mufi_02
Moc bhai, no I was never in any union. I believed Kaler Kantha because they quoted LK and it was his words and not of the newspaper.

From the very beginning PCA and FICA were very critical of BPL. At first they advised their players to not attend BPL --

"FICA, led by former Australia offspinner Tim May, of which the PCA is part of alongside the player bodies from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and West Indies, insisted on being involved in the player contracts but it was the only element that the representatives were able to control and Porter said consideration was given to advising players not to join."

Just after the tournament ended, head of PCA (which is part of FICA) said "It's early to press the panic button but I am concerned whether players will get paid what they are due."...what is that supposed to mean? BCB is acting as the guarantor and that means the player will be paid, no matter what. And Porter adds "We had concerns about the competition from the outset," Angus Porter, the PCA chief executive, told ESPNcricinfo."

This shows FICA really never supported BPL. I am not supporting the delay in payment. We have to understand that the whole tournament was organised in very short time and thus there were some hiccups. But I say FiCA trying very hard to undermine the success of BPL.
You are right FICA and someothers where always critical from the outset.and we're waiting to jump the gun... however bcb should have made sure that the payments where on time....even in his last statement was highly dubious...he can threat to go to court....but to link kamals icc candidacy and ridiculing bcb was surprising to come from someone holding his post
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