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Originally Posted by mufi_02
Adding to this, FICA also represent SL players. Where were they when SL players went unpaid for months and months from their own board? I never heard any threats to court or questioning SL cricket board's professionalism. Where was Tim May?

P.S. I am not supporting the delay in payment. It should have been cleared within the deadline.
I think it's bit off-topic, since you ask for it here is some published media proof in time chronology order for FICA's activity at top to help solving SL cricketer's slaray crisis systematically-

FICA to look into Sri Lanka's salary delays -November 30, 2011
Unpaid Sri Lankan cricketers' plight takes international spotlight - December 5, 2011
Sri Lanka Cricket receives government bailout - December 11, 2011
ICC should not make direct payments to players - December 21, 2011
Sri Lanka's cash crisis threatens to overshadow tri-series tour - February 1, 2012
Cricketers salary issue resolved - February 17, 2012
Sri Lanka orders bank to pay player wages - February 17, 2012

Now if you compare same with FICA-Lota correspondance, what we find FICA was trying looking after every party involved in it-
The continued broken promises and deadlines is causing great harm to the integrity of the franchises, the Bangladesh Premier League, the Bangladesh Cricket Board, and all of the officials within such organizations.
BUT Lota's literal "Fook off" ("Ameturish") reply/non-reply leaving Tim no option but to knock our court. As long as money is almost/about to be paid, We shouldn't be worried for BPL to be declared bankrupt like SL. What I seek to see what is 'Just'. Those culprits still their shamelessly speaking of court defence instead of taking the responsibilty with full explainationary media apology, they have no rights to play with my Bangladeshi national pride & image.

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