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Originally Posted by cornerdtiger
So they should also stop Ipl and county cricket? Stupid logic
No they should not. There is a difference between isolated incident and everyday incident (Cronic Case), One crime and serial killer, one murder and Mass murder, crime against one person and crime against humanity etc etc ...

Please don't try to put Pak and IPL/Eng incidents on the same plane, with spot fixing. Pak and spot fixing is synonymous. You hardly can name your past and present cricketers who was never suspected or pointed by media, by own team mates or third parties for spot fixing, whether it was proven or not is different. I don't like o bring in all the incidents. So I don't think it was dumb at all.

In fact what I suggested is in the interest of Pak. I didn't tell to ban Pak, but I expected PCB to opt out of cricket for sometime to fix this issue. Well, if they keep over looking these incidents and allegations against Pak players ... Be prepared to hear even worse things in future.

Situation is, you are always in fear of such incidents wherever Pak is playing any series... Or Pak players playing... It all started after the Imran Era. I don't mean to undermine Pak as a nation, but its about the cricketers of Pak. Shall we make a list of the proven incidents for all countries to show you that even all the other 9 countries together can't beat Pak in spot fixing incidents. So please be practical and please don't take things personally. As a Pak cricket Fan you should be more worried than me. If not, then you are encouraging them only.

Thanks for your post though.
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