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Name a player in the current setup involoved in spot fixing. All spot fixers sbould be banmed for life including amir. If you are talking about the 90s then fixing was rife among many nations not only pakistan. The Notw scandal was the best thing to happen to pak cricket. Cleaned out the scum. Icc has cleared the rest of the players so I dont know how spot fixing is rife and where you get your info from.
And that analogy about one murder and a serial killer doesnt make sense at all. Commiting one
Murder carries the same punishment as commiting multiple murders. Again stupid logic and a bad example.
If banning pakistan was a rational solution icc would have tries it. And by the way this news about kaneria is at least over a year old. He didnot spotfix in a pakistan match but in county cricket
It doesnt matter what the media or excricketers say. Unless they have proof it doesnt carry any weight and cannot be taken seriously.
And you said almost every pakistani player is tainted by fixing. that is plain bullsh!t. are hafeez azhar ali asad shafiq younis misbah afridi sarfaraz gul ajmal sami tanvir rahat ali rehman tainted? Coz I never heard anything maybe you have your sources though please do enlighten me.

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