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Originally Posted by ahnaf
I really dont know what they are thinking actually.. This guy has done wonders with this team... He turned bale,modric into Wc player And you let him go just because he wanted to be England manager?? Out of his three full season they finished fourth twice.. What you want more with this team and resource??
They are not playing uefa next season and redknapp is not there i dont think modric or bale or VDV would stay anymore

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They were right to let him go...Redknapp is a media wh0re. He openly flirted with England(which is his right), but refused to resign the Tottenham post because it would mean he wouldn't get a payout from Tottenham.

Look at every other club he has been at...and he left them in a shambles, Tottenham need a long term plan, someone who will work out a philosophy and give them a sense of stability. Redknapp is all about buying the most expensive players the club can afford...getting decent results, but then leaving behind no positive legacy.

Tottenham won't be able to compete with

Liverpool(huge cash injection)

so they are a Europa Cup team in the short team(they need a stadium to up revenues), and understanding that, they have to change tack...Redknapp is not the man for that job.
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