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Originally Posted by BANFAN
The new comers in the team haven't yet Got the opportunity, so better wait until next English tour.

No. one murder and serial murder / crime against a person and crime against humanity, etc isn't same punishment in the rest of the world... May be in Pak, that's why most of the criminals continue doing it.

It's not my statement, it's your players like Rashid latif, Shoaib Akhtar, the UK bookie of sting operation etc many many others claim that all Pakistani players are related to spot fixing. Only butt trio got caught.

Mohammad Asif being caught with marijuana in Dubai, but PCB didn't punish him enough and gave him the opportunity to do severe crime, the same happened to W lead team in WI, they were caught doping along the sea beach and threw the stuff in sea when challenged by police ... Etc etc etc it's the entire team involved in un-ethical practices for ages.... New comers only need the time and opportunity ... Wait until that time .. They will definitely grace you. While i show an honorable path, to disgrace you?? As you feel. Keep supporting will be honored, as you are in this case, by Kaneria. By the way...Amer is coming back too..I heard you are appealing for reducing his ban? All these say, how you view such crimes.

Afridi to Malik to Mia ah, gul, YK many of those fixers according to Akhtar are still there, only difference is that they were not caught. But I'm sure a blunt speaker from inside the team cannot say such lies. Even he might have been involved that's why he knows the truth. Same goes to Latif. Eye wash and escape oating in the name of punishment really doesn't help.

I say again, PCB should volunteer to stay away from int cricket for good 3-5 years and come back with some sort of morality in the gamel. I seriously believe in it. Other wise be ready for more surprises, if these incidents surprise you any way.

Had it been any BD player, you would have seen all the BD fans asking for his instant life ban, where as i don't really see Pak fans interested at all in all those. If they can bring out a criminal player through some legal hole, they are so happy. Thats damaging you and you are defending those players so strongly. You seriously believe that 3/4 players doing fixing in a group of 12/13 players and other people just don't know anything?? You must be insane.

you started with spot fixing and diverted to other crimes. well done kid.
and tell how is the punishment for one murder different from multiple murders.
a murderer is sentenced to death so is a serial killer. stop being stupid unless you cant help it.
what has drug -use got to do with spot fixing??
wait a minute afridi malik and yk where accused of infighting NOT spot fixing. that is so pathetic from you its not even funny. deliberately distorting facts to suit your agenda and then saying "i have nothing against pak cricket". awesomne dude.
and waiting for the english tour for the current team to be exposed again. i really cant argue with that, dont want to be brought down to your level.
there is no fact in your sorry post only thinly veiled hatred and jelousy. i pity you. you also forgot to address the fact that kaneria case is over a year old.why talk about banning pakistan now.?
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