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Originally Posted by Navo
Absolutely right, 4 Asia Cup U-19 games, this unofficial tri-series, SL vs Pakistan and Australia vs. Ireland.

Speaking of Aus. vs. Ireland, it was good to see this:

Lee to Porterfield, OUT, and Porterfield is bowled first ball! How about that for a loosener ... It was a devilish delivery to get first up, Lee bang on line and up around 90mph, the ball seaming back and thudding into the top of off stump
WTS Porterfield b Lee 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Ed Joyce to the wicket, perhaps a little earlier than he expected ...
Lee to Joyce, no run, and there's a big lbw shout first ball, a full delivery swinging back - maybe doing just enough to miss leg, as the umpire decides
Lee to Joyce, OUT, no doubt about this one, off stump out of the ground again! Lee is marauding through Ireland's left-handers, seaming the ball back in at express pace and after three balls the scorecard shows two blobs
EC Joyce b Lee 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Lee to NJ O'Brien, no run, pushed through outside off on a good length, left alone
Lee to NJ O'Brien, no run, length ball, pushed towards cover
Lee to NJ O'Brien, no run, good length outside off, again O'Brien is able to leave
Well, that should have woken everyone up. A scintillating first over from Lee - a double-wicket maiden - to remind the men in green just what they're up against in the No. 1 side in the world

Haven't see Lee bowl so well in ages.
but that couldn't stop Stirling to play his attacking game...that guy is dangerous..i'm worried for our Abuls
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