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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Afghanistan aren't like Kenya...there is some real popularity of the game there. Its even more popular than in places like Zimbabwe and Ireland, I'd wager. Their only problem is lack of security in their own country. They can't play at home, probably can't even train at home. An all overseas team is an expensive setup. I really hope they get all the assisstance from the ICC and other countries (same with Ireland), cricket needs a few new kids on the block. Afghans are also naturally athletic and I could see a situation where they could be a very very good side in the distant future.
AF you adjust depicting a picture from your mind. Afghans 99% even don't understand cricket as a game and nether play and neither they have any infrastructure whatsoever. Yes in any nation desperate for success at any level will rally and talk about their success in that event. But that hasn't yet reached that stage to call it a popular sports.

Just by the names I can point put with 100% guarantee that about 8 of them are pure Pakistani origin players. Afghan surnames are very distinctly different, with only grey area is Khans... Who can be a Pathan from either side.
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