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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
Other than attempted rape?

He won his 1st trophy at 22, but in that 3-peat, Shaq got the FINALS MVP each time. That was Shaq at his unstoppable beastie best.

Seriously Kobe is awesome(all time top 10 awesome), but Lebron at the end of his career will be recognized as a better player.
Agreed. The physical presence Lebron has shown is just incredible. The guy is just unstoppable when he drives in to the lane. I still feel he needs to improve his jumpshooting skills and he can become even better. I'm really happy for him and the Heat and hope they continue to do well. They'll be great for a long time.

Should be an interesting draft coming up tomorrow. Anthony Davis is all set to go to the Hornets. Who will go #2? I have a feeling Bobcats will trade the pick and someone will either draft Beal or Robinson there. Can't wait to see where my boys Waiters, Melo, and Joseph are drafted.
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