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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
I was emotionally blackmailed into opening this thread by a 15YO Chittagonian nephew with the mental capacity of an 8YO with ADD. He has moobs and we all love him to death when not robbing him of overpriced junk food.

Anyway, he lurks around this Forum pretty much every hour of the 24 hour cycle, that's to the iPad his mother bought him, and called me immediately after seeing the newly opened "The Rock" thread. It was a couple of days ago at 3:03AM BDST and he was sobbing as though his younger sister just robbed him of fried chicken.

"Jodi Rocky eyakhon abar arekta thread pay tahole Nazim kyano pah-beh-naaaa?"

The combination of his profound nyakami, sadness and outrage compelled me to open this thread or else, and I did.
yu mad bro?
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