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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
@PF: Can you please share some of your thoughts on what Muhit Shaheb's saying here?
Well, his comments these days are ridiculous to say the least, for example his 'Personal opinion' comment on WB president cant be more funnier than this. Though some of his comments in this report I tend to support his stand, but rest are just desperate try not to call their failure a failure.

“In order to reach an understanding with the World Bank and keep the Padma bridge project completely free of corruption, we had accepted many of its demands,” Muhith told journalists at his office in the capital yesterday evening.
“Our purpose was to resolve the matter in such a way that we would not have to sign any humiliating memorandum of understanding over possible corruption, and the Anti-Corruption Commission would not accept any terms of reference with a foreign panel in order to maintain its independence.”
This has been the comment on latest demand from WB I assume, and I support his stand. However they should have started a probe last year [see last part of my post], but they ignored just to show no corruption links are there, and they tried to prove they are 'right', doing absolutely 'nothing'!

Muhith noted that the WB had said it had given Bangladesh credible evidence on corrupt practices. “But their credible evidence is not acceptable to us because the evidence comes from statements of individuals whose names are unknown to us; and whose names they [the WB] would not give us… which is their [WB's] technique.
“Their credible evidence will be credible in our law when witnesses can be found.”

“The World Bank has produced one credible evidence -- writings from a personal diary of the accused person of the Canadian company [SNC-Lavalin]. This writing is not acceptable to our court or any other court in the world until it is independently corroborated.
“So, their claim of having credible evidence is completely meaningless.
Meaningless in regards to charge anyone for financial crime I guess, but absolutely meaningful to start a probe in BD side. Otherwise what exactly our Muhit and co. expect from WB and Canada? do the investigation job in BD on their own, and just name them with evidence to BD? This seems to be incompetence from our side, I mean there is big gap in understanding [I guess] between what WB and donors want, and what BD want. Its cant be only their responsibility to investigate and protect corruption! BD needed to take same extent of responsibility too!!

They should have started a probe against SAKA international last year September. They should have siege their office, and documents, and bring in some of their officials for questioning, and put some kind of movement restriction until some extent to their probe. Not necessarily needed to charge them for financial crime, but a probe based on WB allegation as well as Canadian police action against SNC-Lavlin should have been enough to start a probe. This probe would have been ensured BD working as good as Canadian police, and WB could not be able to run all over the field as it liked, and take shot in a free goal as it did at the end. Instead ACC did absolutely nothing but asking for 'proof' to WB and Canadian police for months! What a 'mamar barir abdar'!!
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