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BC: What do you see are the critical problems facing Bangladesh cricket and how would you like to go about resolving them?

RP: After 3 weeks in the job, it is too early to say, after 12 months I should have a perspective to be able to give some feedback. Often a Coach needs two full seasons to assess player depth and how the system develops players.
I'm too lazy to check...but can someone list all our Head Coaches(post ICC Trophy), and the duration of their terms?

Just looking at that quote by RP, he mentions needing 12-24 months to fully assess the situation and have a proper perspective of the situation on the ground...following on, you'd think another 12-24 months from that period on, to see the fruits of the remedial work.

Will we(the board, the players, the fans) remain patient long enough for that to happen?
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