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Muhit bhai should know organization such as WB never play one man show. It definitely need few significant step/outcome from Bangladesh, yet will take a year or two to cancel the cancellation. Big mouth from BD govt. didnt helped, rather more damaging right from the beginning of the crisis.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New WB chief supports Padma loan cancellation

Star Online Report
New World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has said he supported the decision of the organisation's immediate past president cancelling the Padma bridge loan.

The WB chief made the remarks during a media roundtable in Washington DC replying to a query from a journalist on July 2.

Regarding Zoellick decision to Padma bridge loan cancellation, Kim replied, "I do think it was appropriate."

"I've been following the situation closely, and Mr Zoellick (former president of WB) and the senior staff have informed me fully about the decision," Kim said.

"The Bank has a sterling record in fighting corruption. The Bank was the first to raise the issue of corruption in the 1990s and has a no-tolerance policy for corruption. The discussions with the government of Bangladesh started in September. Even toward the very end, there were extensions given so that there would be what we would think of as an appropriate response; and not seeing one, we cancelled the bridge project," he said.

"Now, we're very concerned about the well-being of the poorest people in Bangladesh, but what I must stress is the Bank's position is that we do not tolerate corruption," he added.
Daily Star
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