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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
Why is the picture above relevant? And why can't a muslim pray to Allah for non-muslims. Maybe he's praying for their salvation?

In Bangladesh...yes how dare they inaugurate non muslim places of worship in Bangladesh. Bet they're the same tossers, who whinge when their plans for mosques are denied by City councils.

This is the kind of **** the Jamaat/BNP scum do before every election - all mosques will become for us, vote for us.


As for the actual topic of the thread, a complete disgrace. I know the WB isn't holy, and they, like all other donor agencies try and impose their will on countries...but that does not excuse the shambles this whole thing has turned into.

I knew the loan was going to get cancelled - old man still has a lot of contacts in the WB from his time working there, so no real surprise, but the entire fiasco is an embarrassment.
A Muslim can always Pray for a non Muslim..... .

We can add a lot of 'May' and assume a lot to suit the above.... But that was an inauguration of a mandir and you know during inauguration prayer you pray for progress and prospects of that very thing. If they were saying different things at heart... They are hypocrites and that doesn't look any good to me....nor to either religion/God

This isn't the first temple being inaugurated in BD and this isn't the only temple in BD... The picture of BD being intolerant to other religion is a misrepresentation.. I think BD is more tolerant of other religions than Ind -Pak and our neighbors and many many other established democracies. The poster I think posted it as it was a surprise that the guys inaugurating in a Islamic way...because it doesn't go together......why should Jamat come in every time a Muslim talks about Islam?? Has it been copyrighted by Jamaat??? I thought and still believe My religion belongs to me and to every Muslim...

Sohel NR bhai, you are miss quoting Quran here, just take the first verse. Nobody has said bad about Hindus or any other religion's god, it was about the Muslim praying in Islamic style in an inauguration of a ltemple... So it's talking about Muslims only ... I'm not aware if they have changed their religion ... In that case they should have done it the Hindu way and none would say anything. I/we Bangladeshis respect every religion. I would have preferred them to do it the Hindu was funny..

Indian movies/serials Will spend 10/50 % times respectively showing their religion and we will watch being glued, but if in our movies/serials we show Muslims praying and talk about our God, it immediately gets a label of Jamaat.... Unless that Muslim protrayal is a negative one. And we Muslims think that by doing this we are being fair to other religion....looks like now Muslims don't have the right to their's not political at all...
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