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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Why Aamir, was he an angel?? How is his crime less than others?? You may not agree but I can give you in writing, after Amir's rehab both of these guys will have to be pardoned... Even they will be able to seek legal support on this basis....

Well, I know your sense of judgement will never match the rest of the world...had it been, you wouldn't be in this trouble for so long....

So, yes, I got my facts right; by Amir's rehab they are intact opening way for the other two... Do you get the fact now...?? I don't expect tough.
and i can give it to you in writing that butt and asif wont play international cricket again. i mean how thick can you get? they will be both above 35 years of age by the time their ban finishes. and basically you are saying that i should take your word and ur infallible ability to predict the future that asif and butt would be back? Basically you know you lied deliberately or were too.dumb and lazy to actually get the facts or you just hate pakistan so would go as far as make up lies against us.
As for aamir, even the ICC and other cricket personalities like atherton holding etc are all FOR his rehab into international cricket not just pakistanis. get that into your head before slagging of pakistanis in your usual incoherent rants
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