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Originally Posted by roman
Wow, hard to believe this. NYPD is one of the finest out there.
They did some fishy things before but this sounds so not NYPD. Your friend is lucky
I don't know much about NYPD but when it comes to making money from tickets NYC has the highest earning of all the states, I saw it in a documentary a while back. Haita haita je traffic pulish ase na, I hate those guys. The second your meter runs out ticket diya dei, even if you get back within 30 second.

My cousin once got a ticket for smoking in the building, he decided to fight it. He said not gulity because there was no sign stating no smoking or something like that. The judge goes, alright look here is the deal either you pay now, or I will give you a court date you will come in wait in line all day with other people and than when your time finally comes and we will still find you guilty and you will pay the fine anyway. My cousin was like can I say something judge, I think I'm gulity where do I pay.
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