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Originally Posted by Ajfar
NYC cops are total hustlers. My friend got pulled over for speeding, the cop comes over and goes, here is the deal you can pay now cash $125 or I can give you a court date you can go there and pay $150. My friend was like seriously? And the cop tells him, you are gonna pay either way why do you care who the money goes to.
Originally Posted by roman
Wow, hard to believe this. NYPD is one of the finest out there.
They did some fishy things before but this sounds so not NYPD. Your friend is lucky
Originally Posted by Ajfar
I don't know much about NYPD but when it comes to making money from tickets NYC has the highest earning of all the states, I saw it in a documentary a while back. Haita haita je traffic pulish ase na, I hate those guys. The second your meter runs out ticket diya dei, even if you get back within 30 second.

My cousin once got a ticket for smoking in the building, he decided to fight it. He said not gulity because there was no sign stating no smoking or something like that. The judge goes, alright look here is the deal either you pay now, or I will give you a court date you will come in wait in line all day with other people and than when your time finally comes and we will still find you guilty and you will pay the fine anyway. My cousin was like can I say something judge, I think I'm gulity where do I pay.
Dear Ajfar,

Veyr very disturbing report/news. It does happen and they are a lot of corruption in NYC and in the NYPD as it is a major metropolis and one of the major/larger Law enforcement Department in the country/world, what I mean by this is they cover a lot of ground and govern over a lot of people thus they have huge unit, i.e. a lot of stuff, so corruption is bound to happen. The idea is to contain it as much and as efficiantly as possible. And that is why there IA - Internal Affairs, who are there to look after the PD's and other law-enforcement agencies' wrongdoings and misbehaviours.

Having said all these, did your friend report this incident to the higher authorities? You don't even have to ask for his/her id#, look for the name on the chest and more than likely it's a beat cop, and report the "location", "street corner" and the "Time" the incident took place. If he/she - the "cop" chases you down in an "unmarked" vehicle and the reason is simple, you were "speeding" in a clearly marked speed limit area, HE/SHE HAS TO SHOWHOLD HIS/HER ID/BADGE LONG ENOUGH FOR YOU TO READ AND VERIFY IT. And unless you wree doing say 60 iles an hour in the middle of busy brroklyn or Manhattan in a crowded and "School Zone" and risking people's lives and health on the street and inside your car and yourself, a question for an unmarked car or several squad cars stopping you with massive force shouldn't even happen. Take the name and check against the badge and badge number and DO NOT PAY ON THE STREET, Go To the Court and challange it if you think you (in this case, your friend) are innocent and you didn not violate the law. Now This is also not a Joke/Bullsh!t concept that your friend were stopped at the corner soem Gulshan/Agargao/Purana Paltan area in the middle of the night/day by BD Police and they asked for bribe. Here the first question and most important question would be why a plain clothe Cop deal with speeding. And if it was a uniformed cop why he would ask for cash? THAT IS NOT WRITTEN IN ANY US LAW. IS your friend timid? Young or very old, foreign born? If he is a uniformed cop number's right htere on the chest.

The Procedure is very simple, all across the U.S. simple traffic violation - i.e. speeding (unless super speeding, if you crossed 100 miles an hour then you are cooked), fire-hydrant parking, skipping a red light, stop sign etc. you get stopped and you get questioned and once the Police officer is satisfied with yuor answers that you are not holding contrabands and weapons, you simply get a ticket, there is no way out of it. And then you pay this ticket at the local COUNTY CLERK FOR TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS at your local, where the incident took place, by mail or in person, that is you get a RECEIPT for tha, that is legal document that you paid your fine, that you are living the law of the land. If you challanged you case, you go to court and stand in front of a judge on a designated day by the court and deal with it in that manner.

Regarding your cousin smoking in front of the building - Your cousin could not have seen a 'Judge' as he claimes. He has gone to the county clerk's office and faced the clerk and those are words of the clerk. If he didn't want to pay the clerk and challanged the smoking issue then he gets a date to appear in a court to face a judge and then he takes it with the judge. Regarding the smoking in front of a building....was it in Manhattan, was it a Public building? A school, Hospital or religious institution? It actually doesn't matter, In Manhattan, you cannot smoke in any public places anymore, period. Hospital, School, Library, you cannot even smoke on the whole bock where that structure is located and within 50 FEET perpendicular linear distance from that structure + the whole block...I can only explain this better if I could draw it out for you in plan view. The rest of the country is still slow on smoking in public places and how much hazzardous it is to the common health of the common public, but due to our great leader/Mayor the Hon. Michael Bloomberg NYC is a different case and a lot of these laws are implemented. My wife, your bhabi used to smoke, has quit for several year because of it, couldn't find place to smoke anymore, and it was getting so expansive. If your cousin was smoking in front of his office buiding/or an office building, he got the ticket by law, it was that building's failure not to have a "No Smoking by Law of NYC" sign in their public outdoor space/plaza/promanade/courtyard etc. And for that That building management is due a fine between $4k-$8K and why they do not have these signs there that's another issue. Now your cousin CAN and take the BUILDING to court for that and can get compensated.

Aar Ajfar miah, most of them on foot traffic cops from Canal Street to Uptown/upper west side/Upper East Side are majority of them either Carribean or Bangladeshi....hahhahahaha...only Allah knows Ajfar cousin ki ei ek Bangladeshi traffic cop-er hatei porlo naki...ahhahahaha? Naa Bangladeshi cops in the NYPD are known to be very diligent, strict, hardworking, brave and honest....Inshallah, someday soon, before you and I pass away Ajfar, Inshallah we shall see the greater NYPD as ofBangladeshi origin someday, replacing the age old tradition of Irish cops in the NYPD!! You guys should also know this, NYPD has a number of top brass, detectives (at least 5) and even a Lieutenant (spell) of Bangladeshi origin, in the NArc/Gang violance unit/Special Victims Unit...this is big deal for me...we also have Bangladeshi origin agents in the Fed's (FBI) anti-terrorist Unit now, Border Patrol officers in El-Paso, TX and serving as U.S. Marshall's Deputies. We are slowly taking over now, starting with transportation business/Taxi service without which the NYC financial district is "Ochol", Our bhais and I have found Bangladeshi apas driving NYC Yellow Cabs (approximately 60-70% of the NYC Yellow cab drivers are of Bangladeshi origin (one nerve pull, and if all of these Bnagladeshi Taxi-operators refuse to go to work, yes, they are also supporting families and the money is much needed, but for one moment of pissing them off, if they call for refusal to drive for ONE DAY, The Wall street, the NYC Financial Basement will hurt heavily. And then in MTA (Metro Transit Authority -New York City Subway) we have train operators/Conductors and Station Booth managers, we have Bangladeshi train operators/conductors as far as in the New Jersey Transit Authority/Mtro-North and Long Island Railroad!!! We have bus operators for MTA in all five borroughs, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Mufi's Staten Island!! The time Ajfar is not too far away, we Bangladeshis will ring the genuine bell of equality, freedom and humaity in the United States, and the U.S. reckognize that, Mayor Bloomberg, Secretery Clinton, President Obama, President Clinton reckognize that, admit and appreciate that, they know we have come here with a lot of hope for ourselves, and to life a LIFE and to embrace our neighbours and we reckognize all people as our people, our fellow men! We , Bnagladeshis have been fighting foreign bred, state run terrorism since the 1700s and in the 20th century since 1952.

My only question to now dead Henry Kissinger, "oi, where is you bottomless basket NOW?"
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!
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