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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
Cologne only on clothes

You really are 15

You should spray/apply cologne around your neck, behind your ears, around your chest. The secret to a good cologne and it lasting hours and hours after you've applied it, is how it reacts with body heat.

If you want to waste good expensive cologne by spraying it on your clothes be my guest(not to mention, some colognes/perfumes have coloring, and will leave a stain if sprayed on clothing).
The other secret is to NOT over douse with cologne. If someone walks bye and leaves a scent trail - that's way too much. You should only be able to tell if someone has cologne if you enter that person's privacy zone. The privacy zone is the invisible region around you - if someone with whom you are not intimately involved with enters, you step away.

Culturally - a Bangali privacy zone is much smaller than in the West and for us who have gotten used to the larger zone.

Here - a classic scene from Seinfeld (The Close Talker) that will explain what I mean:

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