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- Take away BD's test status so those old hags can just shut the eff up and quit bitchin.
- Give Test status to Ken, Scott, China, Ber, Afg, Arg and NOT Irl. That atta keep those old hags busy.
- Get rid of Test and ODI cricket.
- Take the annoying little Ashes "trophy" and stomp on it. Then upload the reactions of those pretentious English and Aussies to youtube.
- Ban India from playing Cricket. No IPL, No INT. India and Cricket will not be seen in the same sentence. MIB-Brainwash them.
- Erase Sachin's records.
- Install DRS in every Indian movie theaters to verify how horrible their movies are.
- Hire Lalit Modi to start "Major League Cricket" in America and make it the main source of cricket.
- Fire Lalit Modi
- Get Kim Kardashians and etc to invest in MLC, or else I threaten to release their sex tapes.
- Officially rename Cricinfo to Crapinfo.
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