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Originally Posted by playmaker
I think this is baseless blaming the BPL. What FICA is doing theyve got every right because simply our franchises have failed to pay. Just imagine, you do all the hardwork and its been like 5 months since youve done the job and u still havent been paid. Thats something that really hurts a player and he will start to lose interest in doing the job again.

You know why we bangalis are so behind everything, we keep blaming others and in the process try to cover up ourselves. For example: I see journalists bashing politicians in every possible way for getting involved in corruption.........and at the same time politicians cursing the same journalisms for yellow journalism

Now I know why we suck
The saying is, "where there is no blame, there is no shame". People who do not admit their mistakes never feel ashamed about their performance. The same is true of cricket as in life.

It is only when those who have responsibility take it, man up and admit problems, that we will see mutual respect and trust. After all, if you cannot trust, what else is left?
No Cheating. No Corruption. No Excuses.
Players/Coaches have a duty to report and help clean up our wonderful game of cricket. We are the guardians of the game for the fans.
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