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@Saber bhai, great to see you like my idea.
The parameters of a Champions league could be as follows:
1) Make the call between franchise based (ala IPL) or as the apex of the Region based 1st class competitions each country runs (ala Ranji, NCL).
2) Promotion/relegation every year or every 2 years (1st class sides need time to mature)
3) Level of foreign player participation. More = glamor but also dilutes "feeder" value to National teams
4) If franchise model, would foreign ownership be allowed? I can see an SRK being very interested in buying THE BD franchise as a natural extension of KRR = team for all Bangla speakers mantra.

@Zunaid bhai, I believe you are referring to the Fazal syndrom when you say:
put in to the team the next big hope.
Isn't the High Performance team supposed to a bridge for that?
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