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The best accolade I can give to this man, is he thinks like an English cricket administrator.

It is obvious to everyone outside of BD what needs to happen. Systems, coaching set ups, administration, planning, development, playing, structures - just mimic the English county system and club structures, and you won't go wrong. It is what Australia, NZ, SA and other nations started with.

It's why irish cricket is developing at a faster rate than BD. Just watch what Ireland is doing as it bids to get Test status. It is putting in the correct structures to support the national team.

Start again, start afresh. Restructure and redevelop the game from schools to the Test arena.

It is really no good polishing the surface of an apple if the core is rotten or diseased.
"One day I was thinking, 'Thank God Sehwag was not born in Bangladesh'. If he was, he would have forgotten how to play cricket" - Tamim Iqbal
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