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Originally Posted by Kohli_Sox
Don't know why I'm even bothered to reply but your obsession with NZ team is pretty hilarious. Do spare some time and bother looking NZers forums where every single die hard NZ fans are not happy with NZ team whereas you constantly defending them, don't understand what's the need of doing this
are you serious? i'm not defending them because i am a die hard fan, im defending them because (apparently ''ignorant'' is bad language in this forum according to the mod that edited ''ignorant'' out of my previous post) people in this forum are making ridiculous statements about the nz team. Ofcourse i'm not happy about the NZ team, but its not in as bad shape as people are saying considering there was 8 injuries in the tour. But anyway my point is, am i not allowed to defend a cricket team because other forum members are making unreasonable statements about them?
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