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1. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)
2. Jenson Button (McLaren)
3. Kimi Räikkönen (Lotus)

Very well composed dominating pole to podium result by Alonso with almost no struggle here. Race was eventful though for unusual way the grid starts & ends. So no German in top three; A full race battle by Button against the German drivers with success came back to championship point table while having dissapointing season so far. Bad luck for Redbull; 5 place penulty makes 3rd place qualified Weber had to start from 8 and a controversially passed by lapped-behind McLaren's Hamilton holding Vettel, later after-race penalty demotes him for crossing 2nd placed slow paced Button at final lap from outside sideline. Exchanged some cold conversation with alligatiom & defence by both pi$$ed off drivers at each other entering prize ceremony makes it eventful.
F1 really getting heated among the drivers at mid season.
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