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Originally posted by nayeem007
First of all, what is "Razab syndrome"? I can see Arnab's writing style in your replies. You are trying to use sarcasm to demean him. I think you should show respect to other people's point of view and refrain from such namings.

But if you continue writing "Razab Syndrome" it will just show how narrow minded person you are. It might even encourage other people to make similar kind of names like "Mwrkhan-orpheues-arnab-nihi" syndrome. Which in turn, will turn this forum into a place for personal hate messages, instead of a site to have constructive arguments.
I thought you read all the posts of this thread, since you are participating here. Or at least all my posts, since you are having a dialogue with me. If you had, you would've known that I am not demeaning Razab by using 'razab syndrome'. I have rather taken the opportunity to honour him, since he first mentioned the syndrome in this thread. I just named it after him. You should go back and see where it originated from (you will see an unsocially big post by me). Anyway, I myself would be glad to use some other word, since this is leading to misunderstandings. Please suggest some once you are acquainted with the thing

Also, can you please quote, from where you read/heard the "skin roasting example"? I think you are taking it out of context or making up the whole thing to make fun of Dr. Zakir Naik.
Again, I thought you must have gone through the write-ups those you have refered to us. Here is the link that you gave:

You will find the "skin" thing at the end of the write-up, just before the Q&A part, in the document: quran_and_modern_science part_I.doc.

But I would ask you to really understand what I have tried to said, before coming up with another answer.

With my rational, I can't figure out why a scholar will use such an example. And why would people clap after hearing this.(specially since his audience are university students not illterate people.) I have listened to lot of his lectures and I never came across such stupid example like the one you gave.
With my rational, I can. I see everyday people doing stupid things. That is nothing unusual and nothing to be ashamed of. In this world each one of us find ourselves in stupid situations several times a day. No one is exception. Not you, not me, not Mr. Naik and not any of the audience.

Another thing, I would honestly ask you to give second thought before you derive to a decision about what others are saying. And if you are not sure please ask questions. No offence, I mean it.

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